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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2013 10:30am-11:00am PST

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. >> the meeting of come to order. good morning everyone. this is the february 12, 2013 meeting of the plans and programs committee of the san francisco county transportation authority. i am eric mar and i am the chair and happy chinese new years everybody. to my right are commissioners norman yee and to my right are commissioner avalos. any announcements? >> there are no announcements. >> can you call item two? >> item two is approval of the
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minutes. >> anyone from the public want to speak on this item? seeing none. can we move this forward? please call item three. >> item three is a citizens advisory committee report. >> is there any presentation from the cac? >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i have a quick report from january 23 meeting of the cac. at the meeting we reviewed and passed action items five through seven from your february 12
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plans and programs a agendaa. nature of the discussion of the items in your cac notes. we were also briefed on information item eight from your agenda. additionally the cac reelected glen davis to serve as the cac chair for the upcoming year, and myself as the vice chair. that includes my cac report. thank you. >> thank you mr. flanagan and thank you for your service on the cac as well. colleagues, are there any questions? okay. seeing none do we need to open this up for public comment? so
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let's open this up for public comment? is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. ms. chang please call item four. >> item four is appointment of two members to the citizens advisory committee. this is an action item. >> thank you. >> good morning. i am a planner with the authority. this item starts on page 13 of the packet. the committee has a 11 members and serves a two year term. the program recommends and authority board recommends the members. neither staff or the citizens advisory committee maybe any recommendations on appointment. on page 16 of your packet you can see a list of folks who have submitted applications to be considered for the citizens advisory committee and on page 15 you see a list of with information of the current members. you must be a san
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francisco resident and speak before the committee. we have two requiring your action. the vacancies resulted in the terms ending of wendy tran and joseph flanagan and with that i can take any questions. >> thank you. i see no questions. my understanding this item -- we maybe requested to continue this item while more district three or six people show interest. is that correct? >> that's my understanding as well but i believe do mr. flanagan maybe interested in speaking towards this item. >> okay. colleagues let's open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public who would like to speak? >> i [inaudible] i have been gobbled up into district eight and i lived in district six for over 25 you'res but because of
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redirecting i am residing in district eight. commissioner wiener's district, and i want to know how that's going to affect the cac? and if that is taking into consideration with the redistricting that their qualifications meet the new district guidelines, and i don't know how that is followed, either by you mr. chair or from the ta staff that informs people when there's a new districting that either people are qualified or not qualified anymore to serve in that district, and i'm really concerned that there's not enough
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representation in my district in the cac and there isn't enough gay representation for the cac and it's over looked and we're aging and we need good representation and the district is growing my leaps and bounds, district eight, which is what i was gobbled up in, and district six with new people and we need representation on the cac and we have definite concerns with what the ta is doing with the plans and programs committee here, and i know commissioner kim tried to represent the district, and you know and the appointments that were made, but i feel that we were slighted being from the left over, the central freeway area, and we don't have
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representation on the cac or in this committee. thank you. >> thank you. i have been informed by our chair campos that we should invite any interested applicants to make a comment if they want to, and we should limit the comments to two minutes per person if we can. mr. flanagan -- vice chair flanagan. >> my name is joseph flanagan and i appreciate the commissioners, all of the commissioners and the staff of the san francisco transportation authority for giving me an opportunity to speak. i myself
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am a disabled person, and i represent disabled people, bot seniors and disabled people. i appreciate being on the board. i enjoy working with the staff. we have a very devoted san francisco transportation authority staff. myself has been elected as the vice chair. i am very honored in serving as the vice chair, and now for my -- excuse me, for my second appointment i am very
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interested in the transportation committee, and i would like to continue as the vice chair for the san francisco transportation authority. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning commissioners. i am jackie sax. i have been on the committee since 97. i worked with mr. flanagan for the last two years. he's done an excellent job filling in when our chair could not attend the meetings, that sort of thing, and i strongly support him being repointed. he's an excellent job. he know what is he's doing. he knows what he's talking about and he's lead the
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meetings very well and i urge you to reappoint him. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues, are there any comments? supervisor -- or commissioner kim. >> thank you. actually i was looking at the packet and i didn't see joseph flanagan's reapplication. does he need to reapply? he doesn't. great. that was my question. i wanted to respond to public comment and as you know district six gained thousands of residents in the census and because of that our district shrinked and taken by portions from other supervisors so the district did shrink and
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a number of residents are in different districts and we had too many residents and wasn't getting adequate representation prior but i think it's difficult just to select one for a district and our includes treasure island and mission bay and when we select one that means we don't have representation in another district. joseph flanagan has been spent time in our office and on the committee as well, and i know it's challenging to if you find a person to attend all the meetings and from the disabled committee. we did look if there were other folks interested. particularly we note thrd are no african-american or latinos on the cac and we did outreach in those communities. unfortunate people didn't have the time
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availability to commit to the meetings but we were support of there flanagan and we support him today. >> chair campos. >> thank you very much mr. chair and i appreciate all the comments made. it's always difficult as commissioner kim indicated to insure that everyone is represented. we want to have a diverse as body as we can, not only in terms of ethnic, racial diversity and also sexual orientation and other things and i think each supervisor tries to weigh and balance different factors that have to be considered, and i do think that it makes sense to provide deference to the district supervisor. i know that there are many people in
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district six that could be appointed and do a great job. what i can tell you from my experience with mr. flanagan is i haven't met someone who is more committed to these issues. he actually in his own time makes a point of riding different buses throughout the city just so that he can see first hand the experience, not only as a disabled person but as a senior, and i think that having that kind of enthusiasm and someone willing to really look at the system and how it impacts the consumer directly i think is important. i think the perspective of someone who is disabled is also very important perspective, and i appreciate the fact that all of us even though he's not in district 9 we hear from him on different issues that identifies out
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there and i think that kind of enthusiasm should be reawarded and i am happy to support his reappointment. >> thank you. i wanted to to ask ms. geary we have district three rep and a district six rep and i am wondering -- so mr. flanagan is in the mix of these applicants even though we don't have his application so he is being considered. there is a bunch of people in district three and six on the list as well. are we to defer to the supervisors for these appointments? i think we heard from commissioner kim for her preference. have he heard from supervisor david chiu of district three? >> no. we have not yet heard from supervisor chiu. >> okay. >> regarding the question the
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appointees are not district specific so they are traditionally have been to ensure that we have representation throughout the city, all perspectives are represented. traditionally i think we have -- our experience has been that there's been some deference to the actual commissioner regarding their recruitment and their familiarity with candidates so that to date has occurred. >> okay. i did want to agree with my colleagues, commissioners campos and kim that i think diverse body that is representative of different ethnic, sexual orientation and gender and other factors and neighborhood factors is critical. i see nine are women and there is under representation of women as well. i think commissioner kim mentioned no african-americans or latinos. i see a number of
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limited asian americans as well but i thank you for the data that allow us to look at representation. my sense is that we should continue the one of the appointments so that we can hear from our colleague from district three and let me go to commissioner campos. >> thank you. thank you mr. chair. my suggestion and i make a motion that we move forward the reappointment of joseph flanagan for district six and with respect to the district three appointment that we continue that to the call of the chair, so that we have an opportunity to hear directly from the district three supervisor so that's my motion. >> commissioner kim. okay. so we heard that motion and second. is there any objection to that motion? then it carries. thank you. ms. ching. thank you everyone. please call item


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